A social calendar for everyday events


Your Social and Personal Calendar

What’s next and what happened, all in one place with the people you know.

  • 1

    Do More

    Your to-do list for today, tomorrow, and your life in your calendar where it belongs.

  • 2

    Plan less

    Spend less time with back-and-forth planning and more time doing, just by chatting with friends!

  • 3

    Manage Time

    See what's next for you and your friends no matter how far out. A calendar app for everyone else.

  • 4

    Remember it all

    Post pictures or memories as it's happening with the people involved. Go back in time to remember.


It's Easy!

Take the time out of planning

You don't always know what time you want to do something, who is going to be involved, or where it's happening. Using timeSpot you can create a calendar spot without any of that as something you want to do. Then hash out the details naturally by a simple chat feature.

Use this chat to

  • Find and pick a time
  • Pick the location
  • Invite friends to join
  • Post photos
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Not your average day planner

timeSpot is a new way to think about a calendar

  • Your Spot in Time

    See your calendar and your friends calendar. See what's next in your world.

  • Share time with Friends

    Post photos and messages plan and to remember what happened.

  • Create your Spots

    Make a spot in your calendar with just a picture or title just so you remember. Plan it out later.

  • Location

    Search nearby locations or set it to your current location.

  • Share Pictures

    Post photos for fun or memory to the entire group. Make it a public spot so all your friends can see too!

  • Find Spots in Time

    Quickly navigate between what's next, day, week, month and more. See what's still in planning too.


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